Advanced Research Labs (ARL) is a growing Philippine-based provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services and specialized online media solutions specifically designed to match the demands and needs of their clients. With their main office located in Manila, they collaborate with various companies from several industries to provide strategic and creative services that are designed to maximize resources and lower the operating costs. The company addresses the need for quality solutions by hiring competent and skilled specialists and experts - employees who possess both practical and technical knowledge through working with local and global industry leaders alike. ARL's adherence to Service Level Agreements aids in connecting with potential clients on a more personal level, ensuring fast and quality service delivery.

History Of Advanced Research Labs

Established in the year 2008 by Hanniel Evan Yucoco (founder of the Oddities Network - Geekolodeon, Oddities, HolySuperMario and Left5Dead), Advanced Research Labs is a Manila-based full service digital enterprise formed primarily as a web design and development firm catering only to clients in the United States. In 2009, SEO (search engine optimization) and social media integration departments were created to serve clients requiring value-added services in addition to web designs. In 2010, ARL ventured into outsourcing in general, catering to call center and back-end office clients who focus on project management and implimentation. In 2011, content management and article writing services were added in response to the clients' needs for press release services.

Advanced Research Labs creates clean and simple websites, and they aim to get the message to their clients' focus groups clearly and concisely. They encourage their clients not to ignore potential opportunities and make their online visitors see their message, as it only takes a few seconds for a site visitor to look into a particular website before they move on to the next. Here are the services that ARL offers to their clients:

  • Web Design, Development, and Programming(Wordpress, Joomla, E-Commerce System [Magneto], CRM and PHP Development)
  • Basic Web Solutions(URL/Domain Registration, URL/Domain Hosting, E-mail Account Creation)
  • Article Writing Services(Product Reviews, SEO Articles, News Writing, Content Writing, Press Releases)
  • SEO(On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Social Media Campaigns, Link Building, Analytics)
  • Call Center and BPO Services(Inbound, Outbound, Third Party Verification Call Center Services, Back-end/Data Encoding Services, Call Center/Calling Room Setup, Metrics Management, Process Implementation and Management)
  • Community, Training and Events(Freelance Training, Old School Advertising, Blogger Events, Event Management, Web Design and Development Training)